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Level 2 opens the door to some unique skiing in the Canterbury Chill Fields, with the snowpack having sat untouched for over 2 weeks.
August 17 was both the best and worst day of the season. Best because we got 80cm of powder. Worst because we locked down and didn’t get to ride. Short term pain for long term gain. Team of 5 mill. Look forward not back. Get vaccinated.
We’ve hit the start of August and the hope of some good storms as the next few weeks roll by.  I’ve put together a little update on what’s been happening with the ski areas and Chill.  It’s definitely one of those seasons when you say ‘grab it while it is here’. Through the past few weeks we’ve seen some good snow fall in the Mackenzie Region including Dobson and Fox Peak.  Dobson are having a great snow year.  Fox Peak have opened recently on the weekend, and are hoping to go again this weekend. 


The chill fields usually aren't tracked out before lunch - sometimes holding their freshness for much later in the afternoon.

If you know where to look, they could still be good the next day - and all of these spots are lift accessed, so if you're feeling lazy then these could be for you.

Thinking of working at a ski field this winter? Try working at a Chill field
The following information has been provided by ACC SportSmart.
Ollie Hunt finds the goods in the Craigieburns
By Chill.

The rope tow is a lift system that can be a little tricky to master, once you do they’re a quick way skyward. With a few tips and a little perseverance you’ll soon be on your way, just remember, if you’re having trouble ask a local or a staff member.

By Sam Masters.

Every serious discussion about skiing with children should begin with an overview of effective parental contraception.

Words + Photography by Julie Gursha

A couple of weeks ago I visited the sweetest spot, seemingly out of a story book. Mt Lyford was my first ski field experience in New Zealand, and it was absolutely perfect.