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Alpine News Features

By Anna Keeling.

On a recent Craigieburn Haute Route all five of our guests had frame bindings (mostly Marker Dukes and Barrons) while I toured on tech (Dynafit Radical ST) and Stu holds loyal to telemark bindings. 

By Sam Masters

Lots of people talk about freedom. Others try to protect it with legislation, diplomacy or war. Backcountry skiers and snowboarders get to live it: experiencing total immersion in freedom’s joy and consequences.
By Nathan Fa’avae.

Snow sports, my wife Jodie and I probably have a similar story to many others our age.
Poised at the top of an icy 45 degree, 650 metre slope, I feel both commitment and resolve. 
By Ollie Hunt.

On Saturday August 18th (2018) we didn’t have the option of heading to Temple Basin for the weekend, due to a shindig on the Saturday night. My brother Jeremy, Michael Stevens, and I were tossing up between the backside of the Craigieburn Range at Mt Olympus or the front side at Broken River.
Big mountain skiing or freeriding developed from the sport of extreme skiing in the late eighties and early nineties.
By Ben Hume

I am notably disorganized and have found myself in various situations I had not planned on being in this winter. However, if I am honest, while flying from the seat of my pants the skiing has only gotten better!

By Stu Waddel.

The Craigieburn Haute Route is in its fourth season in 2018 and we recently completed a great trip from Craigieburn to Mt Olympus. I share our joys and hard work as a script of changing fortunes.

By Anna Keeling.

Riding a lift recently, I saw the loopiest telemark skier making his ungainly way down mountain. Pulling up, he yelled “write about why skiing is good for kids!”

By Anna Keeling.

A couple of years ago I was teaching a snow safety class at Mt Cheeseman. Constant snow flurries, low visibility and wind kept us inbounds on day one.

By Anna Keeling.

Going to ski tour on New Zealand’s glaciers is always a time of anticipation and excitement but heading to the glaciers of the West Coast is definitely it’s own thing.

By Sam Masters.

The Chill Pass is the great unifying force of our age. It far surpasses the hapless attempts at world peace made at the Congress of Vienna (1815), the League of Nations (1920) and the United Nations (1945).