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Alpine News Features

By Anna Keeling.

A couple of years ago I was teaching a snow safety class at Mt Cheeseman. Constant snow flurries, low visibility and wind kept us inbounds on day one.

By Anna Keeling.

Going to ski tour on New Zealand’s glaciers is always a time of anticipation and excitement but heading to the glaciers of the West Coast is definitely it’s own thing.

By Sam Masters.

The Chill Pass is the great unifying force of our age. It far surpasses the hapless attempts at world peace made at the Congress of Vienna (1815), the League of Nations (1920) and the United Nations (1945).
A Chill interview with the Kea Conservation Trust.
By Lachlan Humphreys / Clean Line Productions.

Each year I head over to New Zealand from Australia to get my snow fix. There is something about New Zealand that continually draws me back and keeps me exploring.
By Emma Swaffield & Charlie Renzoni.

Hailing from Whistler, Emma and Charlie lived out of their Prado while touring around the Southern Alps for winter 2017 with a Chill Season Pass.
By Nick Pascoe.

In Canterbury there’s an awkward in between kind of season where the weather is cold and dreary, but the snow hasn’t quite built up enough for the clubbies to open up shop for the season. However touring missions are great to fill this gap!
By Nick Pascoe.

Wondering what you’ve got yourself into is common on first arriving at a clubfield, but they’ll quickly grow on you until you can’t consider skiing anywhere else.